Will this video change the Democratic presidential race?

Between a day off yesterday and a heavy editing gig tonight, there's been no time for the normal bloviating (good for you, right?). But the state of the Democratic presidential race has changed quite a bit since we last checked it out just four days ago. That's partly because of the surprising size of Bernie Sanders' landslide win over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. But it's also because of the weird geography in which the candidates focus for months on Iowa and New Hampshire -- mostly white, as previously discussed -- and then launch a mad scramble for black support in South Carolina, where African-Americans are a majority, or close to it, in the state Democratic Party.

In this regard, Bernie had a great day on Wednesday when Ta-Nehisi Coates -- arguably the top black public-intellectual writer of the moment -- said he would vote for Sanders and The Nation's Michelle Alexander wrote a withering critique of how the Bill Clinton White House treated black Americans.

But today was a pretty great day for Hillary, who hailed the endorsement of the Black Congressional Caucus PAC (PAC?...It's complicated) and got a priceless shout-out (and perhaps unfair dig at Sanders) from -- for my money (heh) -- the greatest living American, the civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis.

Tonight, the Sanders campaign fired back with this ad from Erica Garner, whose father Eric Garner was selling untaxed loose cigarettes on Staten Island when he died in a police chokehold -- no one was charged -- in 2014. It's a powerful three-and-a-half-minute video that feels like a game changer, but watch it for yourself and decide. And then have a great weekend.