Who says there are no jobs for the 99 Percent?


To paraphrase Mitt Romney's future veep pick Jeff Foxworthy, if you're homeless, you may be a wireless hotspot:

Who didn’t shudder a little at the news Monday that BBH, a New York marketing firm, strapped compact wireless routers to homeless people and deployed them around Austin, Texas, wearing T-shirts saying, for example, “I’m Clarence, and I’m a 4G hotspot”? There’s an undeniable “ick” factor to the idea, one that the project’s organizers hope will trigger conversation about homelessness after the urge to abandon the human race altogether fades. What they’ve actually inspired: conversations about strapping compact wireless routers to homeless people (the program ended Monday), but I guess there’s an opening there for further discussion.

In fact, I hear Romney's a big fan of homeless hotspots...because he knows one of the owners.*

* Sarcasm.