UPDATED: Who said it?

"If we act now, we can create thousands of new jobs in clean energy industries, before our overseas competitors beat us to it. So come on, Congress, let's get moving -- cap greenhouse gas pollution now."

You know the drill -- no Googling, or, if you're Tom Corbett, no goggling. Answer to come. I will say that whoever said this should be our next president, unless for some crazy reason he wants to take back his remarks.

UPDATE: Gosh, did anyone even try to get the right answer: It is former Minnesota governor and probable future 2012 presidential loser Tim Pawlenty, who now can't apologize enough for his incredible blunder of agreeing with the 97 percent of climatologists who believe that manmade climate change is real. So Americans will have some choice in 2012: Whether the right call on climate is being made by 97 percent of climatologists, or now 0 percent of Republican White House hopefuls. The flip-flop is astounding (although arguably not unprecedented, as the Democratic candidates in 2004 who mostly changed their positions on Iraq.) At least the Iraq War was a matter of opinion and not established science; God -- or whoever -- help us.