When's the last time 4,000 Americans died in a war over water rights?

I was actually in the car at the right time and tuned into the right (literally) radio station to hear this classic rant about oil and related issues from Rush Limbaugh yesterday. Actually, there was an even better part of that Media Matters didn't pick up in this clip, when he basically equated oil with liberty. It will be a valuable archive to the archeologists from future civilizations that pick through the rubble of this one.

Just to be clear, I've always argued that the war in Iraq wasn't DIRECTLY over oil -- meaning we didn't invade with the explicit purpose of of planting a U.S. flag atop X-billion barrels of crude when the killing was over. But I do think we invaded to project might and establish hegemony in that region -- because that's the region with the most oil!!! I don't think we'd rain down "shock and awe" on a country whose main resource is water.