When you're No. 3, you have to try A LOT harder

When you're 50 years old these days, you're grateful for surviving the week....so it's an added bonus to learn, with gratitude, that this blog won a Third Place in the "blog column" category from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. This was the very first time that "blog columns" were honored, so it's kind of cool to be something of a pioneer as journalism goes more and more online.

The (3rd Place) winning posts were about Obama's stance on prosecuting torture, the disgrace to journalism that Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos perpetrated here in Philadelphia last April, and my favorite, Sarah Palin's "Speech to Nowhere": 

Speaking of Sarah Palin, if you want to read an excellent article about her that (probably) wasn't written at 2 a.m., check out Todd Purdum's lengthy piece in the new Vanity Fair.

As for blog columns, all I can say is that in 2010, you're goin' down, Single for a Reason! :-)