When liberals attack

I was reading the New York Times this weekend -- elitist that I am -- and was pleased to note that its most ballyhooed columnists, Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd, had finally found the perfect voice in tackling the new world order in which Democrats control the government but seemingly little else. Rich's column was a barnburner about the taxpayer-funded disgrace that is Goldman Sachs, while Dowd -- a supposed liberal who seems to do her most aggressive work whenever there's a Democrat in office, go figure -- cleared the bases with this:

F.D.R. asked to be judged by the enemies he had made. But what of a president who strives to keep everyone in some vague middle ground of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, without ever offending anyone?

Kind of reminds me of all those conservative columnists who gave Bush a honeymoon in those early months of 2001 but eventually went after him when it became clear that he'd invaded another country for bogus reasons, was assaulting the civil liberties of Americans and bankrupting the national treasury with unnecessary tax cuts at a time of proflagate spending.

Remember those columnists?

Me neither.