When John Yoo is ripped from the headlines

I've never been someone to watch "Law & Order" -- guess I should start:

Last night's episode of television's longest running drama -- NBC's "Law & Order" -- featured District Attorney Jack McCoy prosecuting a John Yoo-esque Bush administration Justice Department attorney for writing a legal memo authorizing the torture of detainees.

"Jack, you want to prosecute a member of the Bush administration for assaulting suspected terrorists?" McCoy is asked in the season premiere episode, titled "Memo from the Dark Side."

"The word is 'torturing,'" says McCoy, played by Sam Waterston. "And yes -- it's about time somebody did."

Chung! Since I don't have Tivo or anything like that, I guess I'll have to wait for the re-run to see if the character is rewarded with a monthly column for a major metropolitan newspaper.