What planet does Kevin Ferris live on?

Not the third one in, apparently. Ferris, one of the Inquirer's seven or eight house conservatives, would not have gotten the joke last night; instead, he's here with a column that hails the GOP's stirring victory on the stimulus bill, if by victory you mean watching the bill become law with fairly minor changes and you mean taking a position that's the opposite of what most Americans believe.

Writes Ferris:

In the stimulus debate, the GOP out-organized the onetime community organizer.

Sure, this was a flawed bill, with a priority not on stimulus, but on richly rewarding special interests loyal to Democrats. Republicans got that. More important, so did the public.

Still, the Republicans were outnumbered in Congress and supposedly out-messaged by the Great Communicator in the White House. It didn't matter. They did a better job of organizing their community and communicating.

Yes! Unless you're referring to the 59 percent of the public that supported Obama's position on economic stimulus. The ultimate irony is that Ferris and most congressional Republicans have now placed themselves in the position of rooting for the president's economic plan to fail, or else they'll look like complete idiots (...don't even say it.)