What happened today


The scoop from Philly.com (via email):

Good news: Comments will be re-enabled overnight tonight by Clickability.
Over the weekend, a Clickability release patch interfered with the display of our commenters’ usernames on the site. Our Terms of Service promise our readers that we will not display their real names. We consider the Terms of Service a binding agreement and ban abusive readers for not meeting its terms; therefore we have to hold up our end of the agreement.
There were serious complications in trying to show previously-published comments separately from the comment input form. Plus, from Saturday onward, all comments came in with the wrong username applied. As a result, we had to pull the entire comment display down. Pulling comments down was our avenue of last resort.
When comments are re-enabled, anything posted by a reader between Saturday and Monday morning, should appear with “Anonymous” as a username. This is unavoidable. All older comments will have the correct username, and new comments will show the correct username as well.
We thank you for your patience on this matter.
Actually, a day without comments around here was kind of like an unexpected snow day.