What? Yoo again?


He's baaaaaack:

A DECADE later, America's post-9/11 descent into torture is still an open wound for many - as folks are finding out this week at Drexel University Law School.

A Philadelphia lawyers' group is ripping the law school for hosting a talk this afternoon by John Yoo, the ex-Justice Department lawyer who crafted the legal justification for the Bush administration's use of waterboarding and other torture tactics on terrorism suspects.

The National Lawyers Guild called Yoo's slated appearance "deplorable," adding that his legal advice had sparked "negative repercussions in American foreign relations that we are still dealing with a dozen years later."

My opinion on this is consistent: No one has ever suggested that John Yoo should lose his 1st Amendment rights -- he's perfectly free to stand on a street corner and say what ever he wants and not go to prison. But institutions like Drexel Law or the Inquirer under its past ownership have no obligation to hand their powerful microphone to a man who aided and abetted war crimes -- and they absolutely should not do that. Drexel Law should realize there's no "on one hand, on the other hand," when it comes to torture. That's part of being a good and moral citizen of the Philadelphia community.

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