What Greenwald said

I was curious to see if one of my favorite Internet writers, Salon.com's Glenn Greenwald, would have an opinion on the #occupywallstreet protests. He does, and it's a doozy. I want to particularly highlight this point below:

Personally, I think there's substantial value even in those protests that lack "exit goals" and "messaging strategies" and the rest of the platitudes from Power Point presentations by mid-level functionaries at corporate conferences.  Some injustices simply need anger and dissent expressed for its own sake, to make clear that there are citizens who are aware of it and do not accept it

Right on. Also, a very good column on the pepper-spray angle from an old friend from the NY Newsday era, Jim Dwyer of the New York Times.

Tied up with a night city editor gig tonight and tomorrow so blogging will exist but it will be light.