Watching Scotty go? Probably not


Do you recall Wisconsin's horrible governor, Scott Walker? I'm thinking that the Badger State probably doesn't. I'm going out on a limb here and predicting that despite winning his 2010 election under false pretenses and inventing an excuse for a jihad on decent middle-class folks who teach kids and fight fires, the GOP's Walker with his Koch Brothers bankroll will hang onto his job in today's Wisconsin recall election, probably by a percentage point ot two.

And you know what's really outrageous? Besides Walker and the Koch Brothers, that is. It's that those big-time Fox News Democrats inside the Beltway -- right on up to and including our compromiser-in-chief Barack Obama -- will be to blame. The 99 Percent (okay, in this case the 51 Percent whose brains haven't turned to mush listening to the petty resentments of talk radio) was fired up and ready to go, but the national Bain Capital Democrats are so afraid of inciting, and tapping into, "the rabble" that they barely lifted a finger to help. There were few dollars and few big names aiding Democrat Tom Barrett.  (Contrast this to the hit job that Karl Rove carried out on California's Gray Davis in 2002.)

The failure of Obama to go to Wisconsin and campaign for Barrett -- instead issuing a last minute luke-warm tweet...yes, a tweet -- is shameful.

A Barrett win with enthusiastic support from Obama would have driven home the message that the working class won't be pushed around anymore. But No Drama Obama played it "safe." It's not really safe at all. It's a guaranteed losing strategy -- for the good people of Wisconsin, and for Obama this November.