UPDATED: Waiting for the new Queen to drop

UPDATE: Curses, foiled again. Maybe the 4th in the royal succession will be the charm -- come back in 25 years for an update.

EARLIER: I'm not a huge fan of Britain's monarchy -- my attitude is kind of similar to the "old woman/man" named "Dennis" in Monty Python and the Holy Grail who says,: "you can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you." Nor is it like me to care that much -- or certainly blog about -- "the royal baby," but this time it's different.

I have a rooting interest. I'm hoping for a girl.

The reason is obvious. Until now, a sexist, for want of a better term, line of royal succession meant that a first-born girl would on'y become queen if she wasn't bumped by a younger brother (which didn't happen, obviously with the current Queen Elizabeth). But a few years ago, they changed the rules (yes, "they" can do that. Who is "they"? I have no idea.) and this slow-arriving baby will become Britain's titular ruler, regardless of his or her gender.

That would be one giant leap for womankind -- if the royal baby is a girl. So let's hope it is. Since "they" seem to have already decided that the next president of the United States will also be a woman, the 21st Century is fast becoming an Age of Aquarius for Girl Power -- and it's about time. The world is finally realizing what many of us who have wives and daughters already knew.

Women rule.