'Tracing corporate roots' don't pay no rent

Earlier today I mentioned in a blog post that everyone in Philadelphia wants to know what the Comcast-NBC deal means for us, even though the grim reality is that it may not mean much at all. With that in mind, I was intrigued when I just saw this headline on Philly.com: "Comcast deal is huge for Philadelphia." I clicked -- and was treated to an op-ed from the Inquirer editorial board with this bizarre assertion:

There’s the sizzle of having a Hollywood movie studio and the venerable NBC Nightly News tracing their corporate roots to Comcast headquarters in Center City.

Huh? Based on that, the headline should have been "Comcast deal is NOT huge for Philadelphia." The entire editorial is more of the same, including some magical thinking by Mayor Nutter and some speculation not supported by any known facts that have come out of the actual announcements. So what you're saying, reading between the lines, is that this deal does not create one single job for Philadelphia. Zero. Nada. Unless the mortgage company is now accepting "corporate roots" as a form of payment.

I should note the Inquirer editorial board's blog is called "Say What?"