Torched: 'Making sense of what's happening in the School District'

James M. "Torch" Lytle socks it to the current Philadelphia school cabal:

Why is it that rich White folks are leading the conversation about what poor Black and Latino kids need? Why is so much campaign money being used to support charter and voucher proponents? Where is the evidence that charter schools do a better job than traditional public schools? And what does Boston Consulting Group know about urban schooling that School District teachers and principals don’t?

These are all big questions, and there are no clear answers. But a reasonable notion would be to follow the money. The federal government is subsidizing charter expansion, as are major foundations. Charter schools offer the potential for low-risk, high-gain returns. And a number of national charter school management companies are working to meet demand - think McDonald's or Walmart as models for national systems of schools with predictable products and quality, low cost, and standardized educational programs.

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