Told you so

Attytood from May 8, 2008:

Prediction: Jim Thome will be bashing home runs for the White Sox long after Ryan Howard's long, long "rehab" stint in single-A Lakewood.

June 26, 2012:

Ryan Howard's return to the Phillies could take another important step Wednesday.

The first baseman will be examined in Philadelphia by team doctors and if cleared, he will play for single-A Lakewood Thursday, which would officially begin his minor-league rehab assignment.

Just call me Carnac the Magnificent. Even Thome is still bashing home runs...but right here in Philly.

It was funny trying to dredge up the 2008 post, and seeing again how often I blogged about sports back then (remember, as recently as 4 years ago blogging was still "beneath" the sportswriters at the Daily News and Inquirer, so I had the playing field all to myself. Even then blogging was passe...but I digress). In That Championship Season, I used to blog the Phillies 2-3 a week, now it's been 2-3 times the entire year so far. So here goes...

It seems like the Phillies are at some kind of tipping point. There's a palpable change in mood with Utley and now Howard coming back and maybe Halladay fairly soon. I don't think it's because the hobbling Utley or Howard are going to bat .375 or hit homers in four out of five games (that's J-Roll's job) but I do think they are leaders, which is what this motley crew needs more than anything right now.

Do I think the season's over? No...I think there's an 80 percent chance the season is over, and a 10 percent chance they make the new one-game wild card playoff only to crush our mortal souls yet again. And I think there's a 10 percent chance of pure magic, of October pieces that begin with "Remember what it was like back in June when we thought the season was over..."

Isn't it pretty to think so?*

* Plagiarized.