This guy needs to be fracking fired

This jerk is one of "The Naked Guv"'s chief "regulators" of the oil-and-gas industry, and he seems to have confused one kind of "Gasland" for a very different kind. His words would be even outrageous even if the "Gasland" filmmaker Josh Fox were not the descendent of Holocaust surviviors, which is he is:

Borawski, who has been involved with oil drilling on the Gulf Coast, was asked about the recent documentary "Gasland," an Academy Award-nominated documentary made partially in Pennsylvania that portrays drilling as harmful to the environment and residents.

"Joseph Goebbels would have been proud," Borawski replied. "He would have given him the Nazi Award. That, in my opinion, was a beautiful piece of propaganda."

Borawski should be fired -- I lay 10-1 odds that he's not.