Things that could make your head explode

Here's two things that might cause your head to explode:

1. If you read my book, "Tear Down This Myth" (and who didn't? :-) ), then you know that the villain of the story is actually not so much Ronald Reagan (although he has his moments) as Grover Norquist, founder of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project and leader of the warped "Reaganism" movement of endless tax cuts and knee-jerk militarism. That's why you may be as stunned as I was that when it comes to trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other 9/11 suspects in a civilian court in New York, we're on the same side:

All the cowering from conservatives embarrassed former conservative Republican U.S. Rep. Bob Barr, Libertarian presidential candidate David Keene and Grover Norquist, chairman of the American Conservative Union. They issued a statement saying, "The scaremongering about these issues should stop," and "civilian courts are the proper forum for terrorism cases."

2. Did you ever think you'd live to see the day that the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters for America criticized a mainstream media outlet for being too hard on...Sarah Palin? Me neither, but I think they're right on the money in ripping Newsweek for a string of sexist -- and bizarrely so -- photos that illustrate its new cover story on the woman who was nearly our vice president. I've posted the controversial cover up top but you need to click through and see two really weird pictures from inside the mag.

You think newspapers have problems in the Internet age? Weekly newsmagazines are flopping around like a dying mackerel, and this week's Newsweek is Exhibit A.