They're all corrupt -- today's looooong roundup

Who's corrupt today?

Well, for starters we have the city of Philadelphia and the Nutter administration, as exposed by yet another amazing young journalistic addtion to the Daily News, Sean Collins Walsh:

WHAT DO YOU have to do to lose a city contract?

That's what some City Hall skeptics are asking after Corizon Health, which provides medical care for 8,600 Philly prison inmates, recently renewed its deal with the city for $42 million per year.

The Tennessee-based firm has been dumped by Maryland's system following abuses, grilled by investigators about years of negligent treatment in Idaho's prisons, and criticized by lawmakers in Maine for failing to give medicine to thousands of sick inmates - all in the past year.

Philadelphia's prisons almost split with the company 10 years ago, after harrowing tales of negligent care came to light, but then declined to after the alternatives were deemed too expensive.

And this summer, Corizon was nailed with an unprecedented $1.85 million settlement for passing money through a sham subcontractor to meet Philly's minority-participation requirements.

Wow. That stinks to high heaven. So who else is corrupt today? How much time do you have? Let's see, there's....

Chris Christie.

The Philadelphia police.

Robert Menendez.

Chris Christie.

Blondell Reynolds Brown's campaign manager.

Ed Rendell.

There's a lot more, but I have other things to do.