'There are no red states of America, there are no blue states of America...'

....only united states where people are up in arms about TSA and its body scanners, pat-downs, etc.

Maybe it's because I have no vacation time and less salary and have no immediate plans to fly anywhere, but other than admire the gross (literally) ineptitude of it all, I have to say I'm not as energized by this story as I probably should be (although somewhat lost in all the hullabaloo is the fact that two-thirds of Americans either rarely or never fly, but they don't host cable TV or radio talk shows.)

I am interested in the fact that liberals and conservatives seem equally outraged. That could mean the TSA scandal transcends politics, which in 2010 never happens with anything. Or it could be that right-wing distrust of all things governmental, especially in the Age of Obama, is finally combined with left-wing suspicions about homeland security engendered during the Bush years.


Or just watch this funny video: