The 'official' Philly food...with broccoli rabe -- don't think so


With everything that's swirling around about guns and child rapists and bomb-bomb-bombing Iran and what not, Philly's Karen Heller raises about the most provocative question possible.

Should cheesesteak really be the unofficial official food of Philadelphia?

Cheesesteaks have really been nothing but artery-hardening trouble for Philadelphia. There's Joey Vento's speak-English mandate, a challenge to many Geno's customers whose first language is presumably English.

Rick Olivieri squabbled with cuz Pat Olivieri over who is the King of Steaks - like it was a duchy or something - a fight that coagulated in federal court.

Cheesesteaks posed a political quagmire for John Kerry. No, he could not have Swiss with that because it's the fromage of fondue and soufflés.

Our fatty sandwich has foiled many a creative chef, given that it's made with questionable meat, questionable cheese and, at the end of the day, still occupies valuable real estate in your lower intestines.

Philadelphians deserve better.

Well, it's true that if you ate cheesesteaks every single day you wouldn't be reading this -- you'd probably be dead. That said, it's a little like New Coke and Coke Classic -- New Coke probably did actually taste better (which is why it won blind taste tests) but it's just a cultural thing. Pork sandwiches are awesome, but an official Philadelphia food with the word "broccoli" anywhere near it is an idea that only John Kerry could love.