UPDATE: The long and short of John McCain

Cliff Schecter has been a HUGE friend of Attytood (more on that to come later this year) and the least you can do is buy his book on John McCain, which was one of two things that McCain single-handedly saved this winter (the other being his own candidacy). I'm looking forwarding to reading it, as it cuts through some of the media fog surrounding McCain that we've been talking about here. A few of the more juicy parts have already leaked out online.

Meanwhile (h/t Josh Marshall) Hendrik Hertzberg is here to sum up the wisdom of McCain's Iraq plan in one awesome paragraph:

But what the context shows, I think, is that yanking that sound bite out of context isn’t really all that unfair. McCain's wants to stay in Iraq until no more Americans are getting killed, no matter how long it takes and how many Americans get killed achieving that goal—that is, the goal of not getting any more Americans killed. And once that goal is achieved, we'll stay.

UPDATE: And our own Deborah Leavy has even more on the Real McCain:

Is McCain a moderate, as many believe? He has been called the worst senator in Congress for children by the Children's Defense Fund, rates a zero for his environmental voting record from the League of Conservation voters, and thinks Roe v. Wade should be overturned.

While the public and press are fascinated by the fratricide of the Democrats, John McCain is getting a free ride to the White House. We all know he is a war hero. It's time we learn about the other stuff.