The People's Republic of the Philadelphia Daily News

Mubarak may still be in power for a few more hours, but the revolution has finally come to the Philadelphia Daily News. We are no longer the People Paper, but now we are the People's Paper -- providing journalism according to our abilities, and giving it to you the reader according to your needs.

Our new editor, Larry Platt, arrived today with a new attitude (opps...attytood, I mean) that is what I've been urging for a long time:

I hereby free you from the tyranny of the Inverted Pyramid. When I first picked up the Daily News as an awkward adolescent on the outskirts of this city some (oy) 35 years ago, the Daily News spoke to me because of its palpable passion; this paper has always been all heart. We will continue to report the hell out of our city, in keeping with the highest standards of accuracy and fairness, but you should also not be afraid to have a point of view about what you report. Our pages should never be home to “he said/she said” neutrality. Instead, you will be explicit adjudicators of factual disputes, and you’ll be free to draw conclusions from your reporting. And you’ll be encouraged to write with wit and verve and attitude.

We won’t be predictably partisan, however. We’ll call it like we see it, without allegiance to one side or another. Our ideology will reside in our commitment to our reader. Consequently, tomorrow, we’ll be changing our tag line from “The People Paper” to “The People’s Paper,” in order to underscore our populist mindset.

In other words, Platt is declaring war on "the view from nowhere." I'm happy to be a soldier in that cause.

Also, the Daily News now with 100 percent more Ed Rendell and Buzz Bissinger.