The O'Smerconish Factor

Area man makes good.

The long strange trip of Michael Smerconish -- from Rizzo acolyte to Bush 41 administration official to endorser of Barack Obama -- is going national, as the WPHT morning talker is tapped as one of three rivals (the others are the soporific Fred Thompson and Fox blowhard John Gibson) to compete for the stations that carried the widely syndicated afternoon radio show of Bill O'Reilly, who apparently wants to spend more time with his falafel, or his family, or something. The Big Apple is already on board.

 I've made no apology here for being a fan and a listener (when my bizarro DN schedule allows me to wake up that early) of Smerconish, even though I mildly disagree with him on some issues and strongly disagree with him on at least one (Hint: torture). He's always been a conservative who didn't read the daily talking points from the RNC, who interviews and takes calls from every kind of people, and that's good.

So, congrats -- now he presumably is in sight of his lifetime goal, of becoming one of Keith Olbermann's Worst Persons in the World.