The Gunshine State -- today's open thread

I'm sure our next U.S. senator and future president from Florida, Marco Rubio, will be working hard with the state authorities to close this loophole:

Florida has developed a computer program to track the number of Pennsylvania residents who possess concealed-carry-weapon permits issued by Florida.

This follows a Daily News article last week about a loophole in Pennsylvania's gun laws that allows residents who are denied a permit or whose permit is revoked here to obtain one from Florida.

As of Friday, 2,651 Pennsylvania residents carried a Florida permit, said Terry McElroy, spokesman for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the agency that issues gun permits.

As reported by my Daily News colleague Stephanie Farr, that rigorous process in Florida involves...applying by mail. I know there's people out there who support the 2nd Amendment but with some reasonable restrictions. Tell me, is this reasonable? Then tell me what else is on your mind...or your hand. It's the Tuesday open thread!