Simply red: 'The Backlash' gets the review we've all been waiting for

Here it is, comrades, a rave review of "The Backlash" from People's World -- the publication of The Communist Party, USA. I thought Attytood fans would especially enjoy this part:

The frustrated attempt by the petty bourgeoisie (not the obfuscated term "middle class" which tries to lump working class wage earners with landlords, middle managers and small capitalist entrepreneurs) to ape the airs of the social class to which they aspire, and the vehemence with which they castigate the working class and the poor, becomes incandescent when a pink slip arrives on the heels of a foreclosure notice. The classic capitalist myth suddenly evaporates in the face of the fact that that the banks have always owned most housing and that a mortgage is little more than rent in perpetuity: the illusion of ownership - the American Dream on layaway.

Um, actually I don't remember writing anything in the book about "the petty bourgeoise." And in fact, I think my over-the-top book promotion here has proved that I am now, and have always been, a card-carrying capitalist...I just like the kind of capitalism where the government is not stacking the deck for the richest 1 percent. Crazy, I know. Fixing that would be revolutionary enough for me.

I'm sure regular Attytood commenters won't find much to say about the Communist Party endorsing my book :-) .