The three scariest words known to mankind

The Santorum administration:

THE SUN hasn't even set, and already Jan. 20, 2013, is going down as the wildest presidential Inauguration Day in more than three decades, since the Gipper declared that "government is the problem" and the Ayatollah freed the hostages.

After taking on the ghost of JFK in his inaugural address - "Ask what you can do for your family, your God, and yourself . . . free from the tyranny of government" - President Rick Santorum raced back to the White House to sign more than a dozen executive orders.

The new 45th president cut off federal funding for many overseas family-planning programs, steered new dollars into abstinence-only education and created "conscience exemptions" allowing institutions to opt out of Obama health-care reforms.

Then, as Santorum was throwing on a tuxedo for his inaugural ball featuring Up With People, an aide knocked on the door. "Ahmadinejad just closed down the Strait of Hormuz!" - a speedy reaction to the new president's bellicose talk on Iran.

Of course, the deal with "President Santorum" (or "El Presidente Santorum" as an overenthusiastic Daily News headline writer called him, perhaps a bid to increase our Hispanic circulation?) is completely different with Barack Obama winning election in 2008. With Obama, the concern was he would not do the things he promised, and unfortunately that's been true in too many cases. With Santorum, the danger is that he will do exactly the things he's promised America.

Meanwhile, the flap of the day is Santorum making robo-calls to Democratic voters in Michigan. I never thought I'd say these words in this order, but I agree with Rush Limbaugh on this: What's the big deal? I thought the Republicans want a candidate with some cross-over appeal to Democrats. What Santorum has done, however, is hand Mitt Romney a gift-wrapped excuse if Romney indeed loses one of his 17 home states. In fact, Romney isn't even waiting for the polls to close to start using it.