'Miracle on Grass' -- the greatest game ever?



I'm trying to think of a better game that I've ever watched in any sport -- MLB, the NFL, whatever -- than the U.S. women's remarkable, unbelievable last minute victory over Brazil in Women's World Cup soccer today, and I'm not coming up with one. Kirk Gibson? DeSean Jackson? Sorry, the girls have them beat.

When they show the match several times this week on ESPN as an "instant classic" -- and they will -- you must watch it. The game had more plot twists than a whole season of "The Sopranos" but a much more satisfying ending: A ref's horrendous anti-American call, then the U.S. staging a furious comeback despite playing the second half of the game down a player, finally resulting in this incredible goal by Abby Wambach (video below) in the waning seconds, when it appeared all hope was lost.

It was a "Miracle on Grass" -- and just like the U.S. hocket team's win in 1980 -- it came just when America's self-confidence needed a jolt. It even gave a leftist Commie pinko* like me red, white and blue goosebumps.

(* -- Sarcasm...well, the Commie part anyway)