The case for term limits


Any student of politics knows that third terms are always murder, and fourth terms -- to the rare extent that they happen -- are even deadlier. I learned this living and working in New York in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when first New York Mayor Ed Koch and then New York Gov. Mario Cuomo went from life of the party to the annoying 2 a.m. guest who refuses to leave, the second each began their third four-year term in office. Yes, you (and when I say you, I'm not referring to the typical Attytood commenter) could invoke the case of FDR,  but he needed a world war to keep his job in 1940 and 1944....a tad extreme if you ask me. Even the holy institution of marriage has "a seven year itch," when the whispered (or coughed) sweet nothings (like..."I need to do a better job," or "Time's yours") become annoying as hell, and you start asking why he always forgets to put the toilet seat down or how much time is remaining in the first half.

Without further ado, the greatest case for term limits in American history.

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