The best new (anti-gun) thing in the world today

I tend to be lukewarm about the Nutter administration -- he's actually done a pretty job but it's mostly been in the sense of not screwing thinigs up, which makes him better than most Philadelphia mayors but is hard to get jacked up about.

But I think this move is awesome, and I hope it catches on:

Paging Rush Limbaugh.

Mayor Nutter on Tuesday announced a plan to force gun manufacturers and retailers to adhere to a list of 20 “Sandy Hook Principles” or face divestment from Philadelphia and, he hopes, other cities and organizations across the country.

“Americans have economic power in how we choose to spend and invest our money. We can and should use that power to send a very strong message that irresponsible corporate behavior will not be tolerated,” Nutter said at a press conference.

The requirements, based on the Sullivan Principles that sparked a divestment movement against South Africa’s Apartheid regime, include “develop and implement technology-enhanced safety measures for guns” and “support and promote a requirement that all background check data be shared by all federal agencies.

Other cities like Los Angeles and Chicago may sign up for this, but it's great to see Philadelphia taking the lead.

Also, I just found out that Nutter's going to be on CNN in a few minutes with not-deported Piers Morgan (9 p.m., to be exact); I guess he's the un-Alex Jones.