'The NRA's Hidden Power': Your one-a-day gunaway

It's not about gun safety:

[BEGIN EXCERPT] Importantly, these courses entail limited firearms training: According to law, students can fulfill the requirement by shooting fewer than 100 rounds of ammunition and spending only about two hours on the range. While the course provides baseline proficiency in target shooting, it does not provide experience in more realistic scenarios, such as shooting from an uncomfortable position or while moving. Often, students don't practice rapidly removing their guns from a holster and shooting, which is deceptively difficult under stress.

Why is so little time devoted to firearms handling?

The answer is that these classes aren't just about handling guns. For Americans who perceive the world as dangerous and insecure, the NRA helps them justify their choice to carry a gun by asking students to reflect on their commitment to protecting innocent life. Here is one excerpt from the "NRA Basics of Personal Protection in the Home," used in Michigan concealed-carry training classes: "If you do defend yourself, it is important in the aftermath to remember: You are a good person.... You are a moral person. Your attacker was the one who chose a lifestyle and sequence of events that led to this encounter. You were morally justified in protecting yourself and your family. You have quite possibly saved the lives of others." [END EXCERPT]

It's about indoctrination. Make it stop.