Pennsylvania Dreamin'...on a winter's day

Interesting interview between Pennsylvania's Next Governor  state Sen. Daylin Leach and Philly's own Jonathan Valania about Leach's bodacious proposal to legalize de marijuana here in the Keystone State. Here's the crux of "The Man Who Would Get Pennsyltucky High"...

I'm not particularly wed to any method of distribution. I just want the the insanity of prohibition to stop, I want the lives that are being destroyed no longer to be destroyed, and I want the 350 million dollars a year we're spending prosecuting 250,000 people we arrest for marijuana to stop being spent and I want to collect the billion dollars plus a year we can collect with taxes on marijuana and its related industries. And that's really what I want to see, but you know, I thought to ease people's concerns going forward, we have an infrastructure that's in place that people are comfortable with, initially we can start with that infrastructure.

...but check out the whole thing. I'm of two minds about this. There's no doubt that the "War on Drugs" has been one of the most wasteful and counterproductive efforts in U.S. history. But is it not a tad quixotic to expend energy pushing such a matter in Pennsylvania when there's so much other low-hanging progressive fruit, including our lack of gay rights protections that are common in many other states? It is, but on the whole I appreciate a lawmaker who dreams big.

Or who dreams high.

UPDATE: In a weird development, right after posting this I see news...of a push in Pennsylvania for a gay-rights bill. Whoot!