The Joke in 'Boc'

Americans don't do foreign policy:

FOR ANYONE who's ever said that Americans don't care about foreign policy . . . maybe they're right.

In their crucial third and final debate just 15 days before the neck-and-neck 2012 election, which was supposed to focus on foreign policy, President Obama and his GOP challenger, Mitt Romney, frequently brought the conversation back to the economic issues they think that undecided voters care about most. At times, the talk turned to steelworkers in Ohio, math and science education, and classroom standards in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Arizona - which were not foreign countries at last check.

When the White House hopefuls did talk international affairs Monday night - in a somewhat sluggish and lackluster affair before a hushed room in Boca Raton, Fla., and more than 50 million TV viewers - they showed that on most matters in 2012 the Republicans and Democrats differ more on style than on substance, if they differ at all.

Most of the debate came down to those two little words: I agree. I'd say that voters deserved better but maybe they don't.