That's exceptional, America

Union membership is plummeting -- wanna know why?

It’s conventional wisdom that the post-industrial workforce doesn’t want to be unionized. But survey data show that workers’ desire to join unions has been growing since the 1980s, and a majority of nonunion workers would now vote for union representation if given the opportunity. So if workers want unions, why is unionization falling?

Commentators have also blamed the decline on everything from globalization to technological advances to the hollowing-out of American manufacturing. But those factors are only part of the story.

Canada’s experience offers another answer. Canada has gone through many of the same economic and social changes as the U.S. since the middle of the 20th century, yet it hasn’t seen the same precipitous decline in unionization. The unionization rate in the U.S. and Canada followed fairly similar paths from 1920 to the mid-1960s, at which point they began to diverge drastically.

Differences in labor law and public policy are at the root of this disparity.

Read the whole thing. It reminds me of how the big gap betwen the rich and poor, between the pay of CEO's and the average working stiff all started happening in the early 1980s, around the time a guy named Ronald Reagan became president. There are no accidents. It's all part of a plan....a plan to screw over the working man and woman.