Thank Yoo

I wanted to say thanks to Philadelphia Magazine for naming me "Best Columnist" in its new annual "Best of Philly" issue, recognizing me over a field that includes Rick Santorum, John Yoo....and a host of actual hard-working, butt-kicking journalists who were much, much more deserving. I plan to keep trying to win every year until they finally send me an invitation to their party for victors -- I guess they like my work more than they like me, not unheard of. :-)

Ironically, the recognition seems to be mainly for my work on John Yoo -- frankly I'd gladly give the award (if it ever arrives) back in return for no longer seeing the work of the Constitution-shredding, torture-enabling lawyer published here at 400 N. Broad. (More on him in a second.) I'm also wondering if this means I should now ask my bosses about, you know, actually becoming a columnist.

Ironically, the magazine has a good article about one of those real and more deserving columnists.