Tales from the job-zombie apocalypse

The recession ended three years ago. Right. Tell that to Marquise Kittrell:

MARQUISE Kittrell, who lives in Southwest Philadelphia and just turned 20, has taken a couple of community-college courses since graduating from high school, but earlier this year he decided to dabble his toes in the full-time job market.

It hasn't gone well so far.

Summarily rejected for entry-level jobs at the likes of Target and Pathmark, Kittrell recently applied to work as a zombie.

Seriously. When Kittrell read an article about a plan to open a 200-acre zombie-inspired theme park called Z World in the industrial wastelands of Detroit, he instantly applied to play one of the undead. "I'm a big fan of zombies, so I filled that out," said Kittrell, his voice brimming with youthful optimism.

I interviewed Marquise, and several others who'd been without jobs for a while, for a front-page story that ran in the Daily News yesterday. Tne bottom line on the U.S. economy is clear: Things are a little better for some people, but more folks are suffering through the despair of long-term unemployment than any time since the Great Depression. The culprits are the same as they are for most problems in America these days -- Obama/Democrat timidity, and GOP obstructionism. America needs a jobs program for people like Marquise, not European-syle austerity (which is really working out fantasically, as this new report today shows).

Great minds think alike -- on the same day that my article appeared, Gawker began a running series of tales of the long-term jobless. It really tears your heart out. Weren't we just saying the other day that...sometimes action is required?