Stop the war

Just coming back quickly to drones, etc., at the start of a new week...because someone smarter than me has chosen to address the topic. It's my favorite MSNBC host (and potential Cher love interest) Christopher Hayes, and he explains things better than I do. The most important thing is the simplest part. Stop the war:

What, people ask, is the alternative to small war, if not big war? And the answer no one ever seems to even consider is: no war. If the existence of people out in the world who are actively working to kill Americans means we are still at war, then it seems to me we will be at war forever, and will surrender control over whether that is the state we do in fact want to be in. There’s another alternative: we can be a nation that declares its war over, that declares itself at peace and goes about rigorously and energetically using intelligence and diplomacy and well-resourced police work to protect us from future attacks.

Read the whole thing -- it is truly the last word on drones. For now.