Sometimes it's good to have a 'food stamp president'

Yes, it does stink to have the worst do-nothing Congress since Truman's era (or, as MSNBC likes to call them, the do-one-thing Congress) but sometimes it's better to have no legislation than bad legislation. A plan to dump on the nation's already reeling poor with a more-than $20 billion cut to food stamps was bad legislation, And so it went down to defeat today:

WASHINGTON — Opposition by Democrats who rejected huge cuts in the food stamp program and Republicans who viewed farm spending programs as overly generous, combined to defeat of the House farm bill on Thursday, raising questions about financing for the nation’s farm and nutrition programs this year.

Not that it mattered, since our food-stamp president, a.k.a. Barack Obama, was never going to sign off on this.

The Obama administration had said it could not accept the House bill, saying its $20 billion in cut to the food stamp program were too severe and it did not significantly overhaul crop insurance and other farm subsidies.

The bad news is that Congress will have to do something eventually, or this becomes a $40 billion cut to food stamps. O Congress, what are we going to do with you?

Which raises the broader question...John Boehner, worst House speaker of our lifetimes, or worst House speaker of all-time? It used to be a rare for a House leader to call up a bill when he or she doesn't have the votes, but Boehner does this all the time. Not that I'm complaining -- I'm very happy that John Boehner doesn't have the votes, But if I were a conservative, I'd be furious at the guy.