Smarter than the average 'Yogi Bare' cover

My friend Rich Aregood, the Daily News public editor, really wanted to write about the paper's "Yogi Bare" boo-boo.

But there are bigger fish to fry these these days:

* Demoralized and frightened people do not do their best work. What you do with less is not more. It's less.

* The days of semi-obscene newspaper profits have been gone for nearly two decades. People who take the transition to digital seriously are using newsprint money to build a new presence on the Web, one that's essential and not subject to the usual newspaper limitations of neutrality and "good taste."

* Readers notice when you give them less and charge more for it.

* The newspaper (and the Internet) gives people choices. Some come for the cartoonist, others for the news or the food coupons. Everything that disappears makes some readers disappear as well.

* You can't build for the future by getting rid of both the relatively highly compensated veterans who have institutional memory and the cheaper (but less senior) young talents who are the future.

Please read the whole thing. Then tell me below how you stopped reading the paper (yet somehow you found this) because of me and that wild-eyed Trotskyite Dick Polman and how we'd be making millions of dollars if only we published Charles Krauthammer on the front page every day.