UPDATED: Miracle in the Hudson: Reports say all survived


A U.S. Airways Airbus jet from LaGuardia to Charlotte with about 135 people has crashed in the Hudson River in New York -- if you're not near TV an amazing rescue in the ice-cold waters is taking place.

Stay tuned, and say a prayer. Clearly there are survivors, but hypothermia is a real possibility.

UPDATE: There are many survivors -- thank God. What a story. Passenger now on CNN -- loud bang, something hit the plane, smoke filled the cabin and the pilot told passengers to prepare for impact. Most passengers rescued quickly by boat. The pilot is clearly a hero.

UPDATE II: Great news -- by all accounts all 148 passengers and crew survived the crash. Aviation officials are reporting the crash may have been caused by a double bird strike; no signs of terrorism. One passenger gave a lengthy interview to CNN and said the left engine was flaming. The pilot only said "prepare for impact" before landing in the icy river, near 42nd Street.

(Photo: Gary Hershorn/Reuters)