Santorum: A dog who no longer hunts for Arlen Specter

You don't need a weatherman to know which way this wind is blowing: To the right! Fair-weather friend Rick Santorum has decided that looking good for all his ultra-conservative buds is more important than his former longtime political partnership with his one-time Senate pal Arlen Specter:

In 2004, President Bush and a Senate colleague from Western Pennsylvania made the difference for Specter. Those dogs don't hunt anymore. This year, his help may come from Peg Luksic, Larry Murphy, and anyone else who helps split up the vote next spring - anyone other than Pat Toomey, that is.

It will be fun to watch. And watch I will.

Wait, I thought Santorum was the elephant in the room, not the hunting dog. Well, his metaphors may be a little mixed but his supposedly cryptic message hear seems pretty clear: Santorum will not be endorsing Specter, another body blow.

Meanwhile, I see Specter may be asking allies to change Pennsylvania's primary to an open-party system from the current closed-party system. Philosophically, I support the concept of open primaries -- but the law should not be changed for the benefit of one politician. That's just tacky.