Sale at 400 N. Broad: Kent Brockman weighs in, and other developments

In case you're wondering what the sale of the Daily News, Inquirer and to its lenders means (I know I am) here's a good analysis from media pundit Ken Doctor. I especially liked this piece of punditry:

  • What about the Daily News? The feisty, soul-of-Philly paper just won a Pulitzer for investigative reporting (for Barbara Laker’s and Wendy Ruderman’s  “Tainted Justice” series). The Daily News is yin to the Inquirer’s yang. Keeping it in business alongside the bigger Inquirer has long had a reader — and business — rationale.  Will the new owners see that and figure out how to carry it forward into the digital age?

I hope so. Meanwhile, reader Joel Mathis is a hero in the Daily News newsroom:

So today I subscribed to the Daily News. It's a statement to the new owners -- small and unconvincing though it might be -- that the DN's journalism is important to me, and (I think) to the community. Even with new ownership in place, it's likely that rough times are still ahead for Philly newspapers, and the industry as a whole. (Don't be surprised if we start hearing about layoffs at both papers, and soon.) If my 30 dollars can keep the Daily News rolling a little bit longer, it's a price I'm happy to pay.

And, as promised, newsman Kent Brockman weighs in: