Rush Limbaugh doesn't like this column so it must be really, really good


Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times said on Twitter that the increasingly delusional Rush Limbaugh has already lambasted his column today, which inspired me to instantly read itt. It's quite good, of course. The gist is that America is becoming like the Third World nations he's covered where the rich pay for generators or private security while everyone else suffers from crime, poor infrastructure, etc.:

So time and again, we see the decline of public services accompanied by the rise of private workarounds for the wealthy.

Is crime a problem? Well, rather than pay for better policing, move to a gated community with private security guards!

Are public schools failing? Well, superb private schools have spaces for a mere $40,000 per child per year.

Public libraries closing branches and cutting hours? Well, buy your own books and magazines!

Are public parks — even our awesome national parks, dubbed “America’s best idea” and the quintessential “public good” — suffering from budget cuts? Don’t whine. Just buy a weekend home in the country!

Meanwhile, I'm tied up with the newspaper thiung so blogging will be light.