UPDATE: Main suspect named in attack that kills 12 at Fort Hood


There's a startling story this afternoon out of Ford Hood in Texas -- a shooting that has killed seven people and wounded anywhere from 12-15 people wounded. As I type this, I'm watching an interview on CNN with Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, the commander of Katrina relief efforts and former commander at the Texas base. He says that the attack was carried out by two and maybe three gunmen -- possibly soldiers at the base, although that is not confirmed -- armed with M-16s, and that one of the shooters has not yet been apprehended but is "cornered."

The possibilities boggle the mind -- typically a tragedy of this magnitude is the act of a lone gunman. (It's certainly possible that an armed soldier was trying to defend himself, which would cause confusion about the number of shooters.) Fort Hood is a staging area for troops coming home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Right now, the only thing anyone can do or say with any certainty is to pray for the families and spouses of those who lost their lives in this horrible incident.

More later.

UPDATE: CNN's Barbara Starr reports death toll rises to 12.

UPDATE II: Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan, an Army mental health professional said to be upset about a pending deployment to Iraq, is identified as the lone gunman. As discussed earlier, the reports of other gunmen are apparently erroneous.