Proof that radio traffic reports are totally made up

So I was in my car for the agonizing last out of the Phillies' game when I switched to catch the news and "Fresh Air" on WHYY, and they were doingt their traffic report. The announcer said things were slow on I-95, in part because of "the usual Phillies volume." Makes sense because often traffic is horrible right after the end of a Phillies game. Usually, however, not when the game is played at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio, some 572 miles to the west of here. It was a horrible loss for Roy Halladay and company -- maybe angry Philadelphia fans were jumping in their cars and driving around aimlessly.

Or maybe it's what you always expected -- that traffic reports on the radio are completely made up and they just got caught red-handed (or Reds-handed, as it were).