Proof positive that Rupert Murdoch is delusional


People who know more than me (OK, that's just about everyone) agree with what I said earlier this week, that the newspaper industry has become dangerously fixated on delivering the same kind of closed-loop, top-down information in ways that the public isn't really clamoring for, but exciting people by using new high-tech gizmos to do that. As noted on Valleywag:

Terminal patients often suffer colorful delusions. But none is as cruel as the fantasy has kindled among dying ink-stained wretches, who believe a magical electronic reading device will cure what ails magazines and newspapers.

Like, do you know who's delusional? Rupert Murdoch!

Fanned out across New York, London and Sydney, the global team includes Murdoch himself, his son, James, longtime News Corp. executive and Dow Jones CEO Les Hinton and Jonathan Miller, the former AOL boss who now oversees all of News Corp.'s digital operations.

The team is said to be looking at creating a user-friendly device akin to Amazon's Kindle to deliver content from such News Corp. newspapers as The Wall Street Journal, The Times of London and The New York Post, as well as content from the company's television and movie units.

Ironically, this entire article from Murdoch's New York Post is now found on an electronic user-friendly device -- it's called a computer, and if you haven't yet tried one of these gadgets I really recommend it! And here's the real irony -- on this computer device, the article was free!

The Valleywag article really makes the key point that newspaper-on-Kindle survivalists are forgetting -- that Kindle is flourishing because it's electronic delivery of something that previously wasn't online, which is books. Newspapers have been online, free-of-charge, for well over a decade.