Portrait of the brawler as a young man

Can't decide if this is a real photo or if Vincent Van Gogh was sketching the Flyers' game yesterday -- very impressionistic. Plus, in the spirit of VVG,  I'm also surprised that no one's ear was sliced off.

I'm off to New York City for the next day and a half to attend -- some of you may find this kind of funny -- a symposium on thje future of journalism, led by the Columbia Journalism School and reform gurus like Clay Shirky. I hope to convince them that the future lies in blog posts about penguins and in posting pictures of Tom Corbett in a cowboy hat.

They may regret inviting me.

Actually, the present of journalism looks pretty darned good today, thanks to the work of some butt-kicking reporters who work in my building.

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Inquirer, and we'll see you Wednesday night!