Phillies spend $10 mil so they can tell fans about their blown saves in high-definition

Kind of scratching my head over this one:

The Phillies have partnered with Sony Electronics’ System Solutions Group and Daktronics to dramatically enhance the fans viewing experience at Citizens Bank Park. The $10 million upgrade includes the installation of a massive, new Daktronics HD-15 video display and the latest in Sony HD production technology. 

When completed, the new Phillies HD display will be the largest in the National League and among the largest in the world – measuring 76 feet high and 97 feet wide, and totaling 7,372 square feet of digital space.

The new HD display will be located under the iconic Phillies sign in left field and will almost triple the size of the formerly existing video display originally installed at Citizens Bank Park. During game time, millions of individual LEDs will illuminate the screen, creating superb image clarity with improved contrast and incredible wide-angle viewing of the action on the playing field. The additional size and resolution of the display will provide even more game-related action and statistical information.

Is it just me, or are there any other fans who would have preferred that the Phillies keep the scoreboard they have now -- WHICH IS ONLY SEVEN YEARS OLD!!! -- and spend that $10 million on, oh, I don't know...a guy who can pitch the 7th inning. Or maybe a right-fielder, seeing as they don't really have one of those right now. I know, I know, the scoreboard money comes from some different budget, that I don't understand how these things work. I guess that's why I myself don't have $10 million to blow on a high-def TV.

Also, is it supposed to be ironic that one of the sponsors in the mockup of the new scoreboard is Motrin?