Pennsylvania exceptionalism

The Keystone State is overperforming -- when it comes to jobless people about to get screwed (I believe that's the technical term, anyway) by the federal government. While we're only No. 6 in population, this rusty state is No. 3 in the number of folks getting cut off this, holiday season. Thank God we still have our guns and religion to cling to here.*

Although it has only the sixth-largest population, Pennsylvania has the third-highest number unemployed residents losing benefits this December. Governor Ed Rendell said earlier this month: "We're not talking about welfare; these are insurance benefits for which people have paid all their working lives. And we're talking about providing temporary help for hardworking people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own." If the benefits aren't extended, Pennsylvania may soon have to be talking about welfare for 130,000 people.

That's OK,  because I'm sure that our incoming governor (and Leslie Nielsen lookalike), Tom Corbett, takes the problem of unemployment very seriously and....whaaaaa?

* Sarcasm -- recorded earlier, so please refrain from calling.