UPDATED: Party like it's 1984

Twenty-five years ago, I was working down at the Birmingham (Ala.) News but would have killed (it's an expression) to get a job at the Philadelphia Inquirer, this newspaper that was winning a Pulitzer Prize or two year after year after year.

Um, times change, but in a weird way that old dream kind of came true tonight, as we learned that by the end of this month the Daily News will be identified as an "edition" of the Inquirer. What does that mean? Here's a caveat: I wasn't at the meeting where Brian Tierney, the CEO of our parent company Philadelphia Media Holdings, and our publisher Mark Frisby announced it, so what I know is second-hand.

But -- with that caveat -- it will not mean any changes in staffing or even the newspaper we produce every day (well, except Sunday, duh). It's just that the logo on Page 1 will identify the Daily News as an edition of the Inquirer. Now, so far your reaction is probably the same as mine....huh? There may be something to it, however. For one thing, there may be some unexpected opportunties for cost-savings, such as with the fee that two separate papers were paying the Associated Press. Also, with all the bankruptcy madness, the DN may be a little less exposed under the Inquirer's wing.

Did I mention that the Inquirer has always been one of my favorite newspapers? :-)

UPDATE: "Back of the house," ma! Back of the house!